Iatrogenic tramadol addiction

Prabhat Chand, Naveen Jayaram, Pratima Murthy


Tramadol, either alone or in combination with paracetamol, is a commonly prescribed opioid analgesic in routine clinical practice. It has reportedly low abuse potential. There are, however, a few reports of tramadol misuse among health care professionals and persons with a family history of addiction. We describe the clinical profile of three women developing addiction to tramadol. In all these cases tramadol was initially prescribed for pain by the physician. Physicians should not only prescribe tramadol cautiously and for a limited time period but also be trained in identifying misuse (self‑use, over the counter procuring, using for mind altering
properties) and dependence (craving, withdrawal symptoms etc.).


Addiction, Opioid, Tramadol

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