Substitution of alcohol with carisoprodol: A case for concern

Raman Deep Pattanayak, Atul Ambekar, Biswadip Chatterjee, Rajat Ray


Carisoprodol, a centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxant, is not a controlled substance. Despite some evidence for its abuse, certain aspects, e.g. nature of effects, existence of withdrawals, remain unclear till date. We discuss the case of a middle-aged male who presented with carisoprodol use for 10 years. He reported remarkable similarity of its psychoactive effects with alcohol leading to carisoprodol as primary drug of preference. Some withdrawals were also reported which need to be studied further. Awareness for its abuse/dependence potential and ensuring proper regulatory mechanisms is the need of the hour along with stimulation of research to resolve the unclear aspects.


Carisoprodol, Substance-related disorders

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